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Affiliated to Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs.
Sunday Walks are held every three weeks throughout the year. ‘A’ walks are longer and harder. ’B’ walks are somewhat easier and more relaxed. Mid-Ulster Walking Club and Cookstown Council together organise Sperrintrek walks during the year. We have a long walking weekend in spring (early May). Previous sorties have been to Scotland, Wales, The Lake District, Co. Kerry and the Isle of Arran.  In autumn (October) ,we have another walking weekend. In the past we have been to Achill, Westport, Donegal ,Wicklow and Galloway. Shorter mid-week (Thursday) walks are held every two weeks. These are usually easier, with an emphasis on enjoying the landscape. Occasional trips abroad are organised from within the Club. We organise our own training sessions.                   2014                                           
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 All new club members and visitors will be expected to do at least one ‘B’ walk to allow their walking abilities to be assessed OR to provide evidence of having recent ‘A’ walk experience before they will be permitted to join a club ‘A’ walk.  
Full members £ 20,Thursday walkers £10.  Prospective new members £2 for Thursdays and £4 for Sundays-taken off subscription on subsequent joining.
Apply to join Mid-Ulster Walking Club. Apply to join Mid-Ulster Walking Club. MUWC
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Interesting and useful web-site from Roisin. Interesting and useful web-site from Roisin.
Date.                 Thurs 18th Dec. Venue.              Davagh, Grade B  Travel.                  ASDA C.P. 10.30am   Walk leader(s) Margaret H. and Margaret W. Meet:                Bell’s Quarry Davagh Entrance 11:00am  Christmas Dinner: Braeside,Orritor-Thurs 18th Dec(after Davagh Walk) £15.Choice of main course: Turkey dinner,chicken or salmon. Name and choice of main course to Mgt.Hamilton or Mgt. Wallace.
Date         Sunday 21 Dec. Venue              Cairndaisy to Lough Fea Leader(s) A/B. Bruce & Christine Watson Start.                Cairndaisy Glen Car Park                          - important details below      Link to George’s 25th Dinner pics.
Nature photo web-site. Nature photo web-site. UFRC UFRC
Latest Club News from Secretary Ken Armstrong. If you have any queries or wish to draw my attention to any matter requiring attention, please feel free to get in touch by  e-mail:                           or by phone 07810527253.
For those seeking to renew club membership and/or those wishing to join, please forward a cheque by post to the Club Treasurer Carmel McGuigan, 9 Hazeldene Park, Magherafelt BT55 5EZ.  All cheques to be addressed to 'MUWC' .For queries please contact Carmel on mobile 07801525650 or by email    Membership form available on web-site Please assist anyone you know who may be interested in joining the club and endeavour to have renewal payments made within the coming weeks. Your continued support and help within the club is greatly appreciated as we look forward to the next 25 years.  Walk: Sunday21st December-from Asst Sec:D.Mullin Good morning walkers, Sorry that I have been late getting this mail out, but secretary Ken is away with work at the moment and I have only just found out. Firstly, we need numbers of those walking on Sunday going for soup and a sandwich to Quinns in James St. Cookstown after the walk. Will need this today Wednesday, preferably, but as soon as possible if not today. Tel. Meet at Lough Fea on Sunday morning at 9.30 and we can use some cars to ferry walkers to start point at Carndaisy. Remaining cars can be used to bring drivers back for their cars afterwards. The walk will be led by Bruce and Christine . Don't forget to mail me ASAP if you intend to go for a bite to eat after the walk as they need to know numbers. Some people are doing a Turkey Burner on Sunday 28th Dec. If you intend to do this, please contact George Hamill for start time at Donard Park. Latest Club News from Chairman George Hamill
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Cookstown Wildlife Trust. Cookstown Wildlife Trust. Secretary E-mail Some interesting web-site statistics for October  In October our daily average was 84 visits. There were 2623 visits and 91,543 hits during the month. Would you believe-2% from Brazil Photo competition results.
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Deserves a spot on front page-A brocken spectre-on Binnian where we saw it before many years ago. The Brocken spectre or glory is a greatly magnified shadow of an observer cast against mist or cloud below the level of a summit or ridge and surrounded by rainbow coloured fringes due to light diffraction. The effect is an illusion. Depth perception is altered by the mist and the shadow appears more distant and interpreted as larger than expected. A Brocken Spectre is only seen when the sun is behind and there are suspended water droplets in the air where it appears. Sunlight enters water droplets and reflects off the back of the droplets towards the sun and the observer. In a group you can only see your own shadow and your own Brocken Spectre. They are confined to mountain areas when the sun is low. Legend has it that the name came from the Brocken, highest peak of the German Harz Mountains. Great shot George-wish I had been there.Dorothy’s photo will no doubt appear too