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Affiliated to Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs.
Sunday Walks are held every three weeks throughout the year. ‘A’ walks are longer and harder. ’B’ walks are somewhat easier and more relaxed. Mid-Ulster Walking Club and Cookstown Council,in the past, organised Sperrintrek walks during the year. The club has a long walking weekend in spring (early May). Previous sorties have been to Scotland, Wales, The Lake District, Co. Kerry and the Isle of Arran.  In autumn (October) ,we have another walking weekend. In the past we have been to Achill, Westport, Donegal ,Wicklow and Galloway. Shorter mid-week (Thursday) walks are held every two weeks. These are usually easier, although no shorter, with an emphasis on enjoying the landscape. Occasional trips abroad are organised independently from within the Club. We organise our own training sessions.                   2016                                           
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 All new club members and visitors will be expected to do at least one ‘B’ walk to allow their walking abilities to be assessed OR to provide evidence of having recent ‘A’ walk experience before they will be permitted to join a club ‘A’ walk.  
Full members £ 20,Thursday walkers £10.  Prospective new members £2 for Thursdays and £4 for Sundays-taken off subscription on subsequent joining.
Apply to join Mid-Ulster Walking Club. Apply to join Mid-Ulster Walking Club. MUWC
2016 Prog 2016 Prog
Date.                 Thurs 25th Feb. Venue.               Ballykelly Bank-Grade C      Walk leader(s)  Iris Meeting Point :Drummond Hotel,Ballykelly- note change-see route below Cars meet: At ASDA C.P. at 09:15am (note time change. Think I have dates and times right,this time!!
SUNDAYS. Date   Sun.28th February Venue        Co.Armagh-Slieve Gullion circuit Leader(s)   A/B Ernie Watterson                     Details.      See later.   
Nature photo web-site. Nature photo web-site. UFRC UFRC
    Latest Club News from Secretary Ken Armstrong- Secretary Ken:If you have any queries or wish to draw my attention to any matter requiring attention, please feel free to get in touch by  e-mail:  or by phone 07810527253.
For those seeking to renew club membership and/or those wishing to join, please forward a cheque by post to the Club Treasurer Carmel McGuigan, 9 Hazeldene Park, Magherafelt BT55 5EZ.  All cheques to be addressed to 'MUWC' .For queries please contact Carmel on mobile 07801525650 or by email    Membership form available on web-site Latest Club News from Chairman George Hamill  Tel:028 8778 4081/07708 600125 Info.from Asst.Sec.David Mullan. Tel: 07710006023
Cookstown Wildlife Trust. Cookstown Wildlife Trust.
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Club insurance Club insurance
Please note club membership Fees are due from 1st of November each year and anyone on a walk who has not paid membership or £4 visitors fee is not covered by insurance. Members Insurance is not valid until fees are paid.                                
Two important courses worth doing Membership form Treasurer E-mail Chairman E-mail Asst.Secretary  E-mail
Worth buying: Cahal King's  book  : Countryside Walks in the Mourne Area.   Ten walks fully described with maps and route directions  . Cost £10.  Obtainable from: King's Inn or Bin 34 in Castlewellan,or Smyth's Musique, Railway Street, Newcastle.   Cahal, a former surveyor, Countryside Officer and UFRC Executive member,made the compilation a work of perfection but sadly didn't live to see it published. His widow, Patricia- a former Federation Minutes Secretary has courageously ensured publication, in memory of her husband. Some of our members may remember Cahal leading MUWC around Castlewellan Forest Park years ago.
2016 photo competition soon
Excellent Service here.
Sun 08 Feb 2016 , Kilbroney pics. Sun 08 Feb 2016 , Kilbroney pics. Getting there-from Cookstown Secretary E-mail Samzie Hale-from hairdressing to hiking. Samzie Hale-from hairdressing to hiking.
Excellent value -First Aid Certificate & Navigation Training Days-click opposite for details
Sun 08 Feb 2016 , Kilbroney pics. Sun 08 Feb 2016 , Kilbroney pics. Notes from Iris
1.New Thursday walks Gallery added. 2.New photos added to past walks Gallery. 3.Samzie article added.
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